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Info & Rules for scan_this

Enjoy scanning articles? Enjoy Sharing? Scan things for your friends & don’t want your work to go to waste? - Then share any scans you have from any magazine here! You never know what someone may enjoy.

Looking for scans? Looking for something to read or for new photos? Request here!

1) Place all large photos under a cut or a link, as described here and here.

2) Large images are perferred (LJ scrapbook is great for images that are literally poster size). Thumbnails are great too (i.e. Imageshack, TinyPic).

Just please warn people if scans are dangerously large. Really any way you want to post is fine.

3) Articles about sex are fine, but warn people first.

4) If you know the info about the scan (mag, date, issue), please list it.

5) Feel free to list subscriptions you own if you feel inclined for requests.

6) All posts will be saved in the memories, so this community will serve as an archive as well (filed under the magazine titles). You can also click on the tag each entry has and you will see every other post with that tag (again, under magazine titles).

7) Promoting is very appreciated.

8) Be friendly.

9) For now, posts will be moderated to make sure lj-cuts work. seems okay without it

10) Try the credit the person who scanned it, but I understand sometimes you just don't know.

11) There is a music-emphasis here, but you're welcome and encouraged to post anything.

~Community created by emmawatson on June 20, 2006.

~Rules edited on September 7, 2008.
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I just wanted to point out, that you can't read the rules without joining because they're friends only. Other than that, awesome community, since I can't buy any of those magazines (I live in Slovakia -.- = no normal magazines available)
I changed it to public :) and glad you like the community.
requesting to join, thanks